Google Analytics 4 training

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Universal Analytics or GA3 ends in July 2023 and now is the time to provide Google Analytics 4 training to your teams.

Google Analytics 4 Training

For those familiar with Universal Analytics (GA3), the prospect of a new version may seem to be insignificant. After all, we don't need to be trained to use an iPhone again when the latest OS version is released.

However, Goggle Analytics 4 takes a different approach to GA3 and what is immediately apparent to the user, is that there doesn't seem to be much in terms of menu options. In fact, whereas GA3 has eight top level menu items, forty-three second level and eighty-five tertiary level options, GA4 has a paltry four top level options eleven second level and fifteen tertiary level.

Typically, the response to Google Analytics 4 has not been positive.

In addition to all of these missing menu options, which represent the majority of reports that you have come to know and rely on, some terminology has changed, to reflect the changes in data collection and also to ensure that you can never compare apples with apples from your GA3 data.

GA4 does have some benefits in regard to privacy, cross platform tracking, data ownership and some new predictive features but for most, these benefits will not become apparent until you have gained a better understanding of the product.

Key statistics about Google Analytics

30 million

Websites use Universal Analytics


Of websites that use analytics, use Universal Analytics


Of all websites use Universal Analytics

Google Analytics 4 training.

Introducing our training days.

We offer a unique one day training session for ten candidates. Set in an 18th Century manor house in ninety-five acres of parkland, the course provides the optimal conditions for candidates both to learn and to retain what they have learned.

What the training covers.

Candidates will learn about GA4 properties and how to create and configure them. The course covers the differences to GA3, exploration (report) creation, custom events and data definitions. Candidates will also learn about the predictive features and advertising tracking.

In summary, our one day course will provide enough knowledge to ensure that candidates can set up, navigate and operate GA4, so as to extract crucial insights for your business.

What's included.

The course is in two sessions and breakfast, lunch and beverages are all included. Courses are run by Google Analytics experts with many years of experience in both Google Analytics and teaching.
The sessions are not merely lectures or presentations, but actual tuition where candidates will be asked to carry out tasks within GA4 so candidates will need to bring laptops.
Certificates are awarded for course completion.

To find out more about our Google Analytics 4 training days and to check availability, call or email us.

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NEXT STEP - send us your email to book now and we'll get back to you.

Or, call us on 01234 292200